Postdoctoral Associate in University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

A postdoctoral associate is sought in the area of statistical and computational genetics. The position is funded by a National Science Foundation Plant Genome grant on water use efficiency (i.e. carbon-water balance) in rice and tomato. The successful applicant will join a multi-institutional consortium (comprised of researchers from the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Cornell University, Oklahoma State University at Stillwater, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with collaborators at Australian National University) that brings together plant physiology, molecular genetics and bioinformatics. The chief responsibiity of the postdoctoral associate will be the development of methods for mapping quantitative trait loci in unconventional and mixed mapping populations. Funding is currently available for two years.

A doctoral degree in statistics, computer science, mathematics or biology and a strong interest in statistical genetics are required.

Interested persons should send a CV and cover letter to Dr. Todd Vision

Todd J. Vision,

The application can also be sent by regular mail to

Dr. Todd Vision
Department of Biology
CB 3280
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
NC 27599

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