GeneMark-ES Instructions

Unsupervised training is an important feature of the GeneMark-ES algorithm that identifies protein coding genes in eukaryotic genomes. This is the only eukaryotic gene finder that can perform gene prediction without curated training sets.
Due to limits on the computational resources we are not able to provide access to web based execution of GeneMark-ES. To download code for local installation please follow this link: download GeneMark-ES

Alexandre Lomsadze et al Gene identification in novel eukaryotic genomes by self-training algorithm
Nucleic Acids Research (2005) 33, pp 6494-6506

GeneMark-ES fungal version
Ter-Hovhannisyan et al Gene prediction in novel fungal genomes using an ab initio algorithm with unsupervised training
Genome Research (2008) 18, pp 1979-1090

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