GeneMark.hmm prokaryotic

Prokaryotic GeneMark.hmm version 1
Alexander Lukashin and Mark Borodovsky
GeneMark.hmm: new solutions for gene finding.
Nucleic Acids Research (1998) 26, pp 1107-1115

Prokaryotic GeneMark.hmm version 2
John Besemer, Alexandre Lomsadze and Mark Borodovsky
GeneMarkS: a self-training method for prediction of gene starts in microbial genomes. Implications for finding sequence motifs in regulatory regions.
Nucleic Acids Research (2001) 29, pp 2607-2618

This webpage provides access to gene prediction program GeneMark.hmm prokaryotic (version 3.25) and to the sets of pre-computed species specific algorithm parameters (model parameters). The list of currently supported species is available here . These parameter sets were derived by application of the GeneMarkS that carried out unsupervised training on each genome.
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